The Successful Life Science Company: Three Tips to Insure You Survive Your Success

Let’s welcome back a favorite colleague of McCormick LifeScience Consultants, LLC! As a friendly reminder, Mr. Andrew Johnson, PhD, Founder and President of UpStart Life Sciences, has twenty years of experience launching instruments, reagent kits, and software products into genomics, proteomics, and cell biology markets. Applying his business leadership and cell and molecular biology expertise, he has a unique perspective on how to bridge the gap between scientifically interesting technology and compelling commercial products.

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The Quality Secret

Because he’s that good (oh yes), I’m bringing back one of my favorites . . . McCormick LifeScience Consultant LLC’s most brilliant (Mark, don’t let this go to your head) consultants, Mark Goodsell, a Quality professional with over 20 years GXP experience.

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