• Pharmaceutical, Biologic and Medical Device Consulting that Produces Fast Results

    Bringing products to market is a complicated, high-stakes game. The risks are substantial and even under the best of circumstances, it takes an enormous investment of time, money and expertise to succeed.

    McCormick LifeScience Consultants, LLC helps pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device companies manage that risk. With an elite network of contract consultants, we provide flexible, expert services in five areas: Regulatory Affairs, Quality, NonClinical, Clinical and CMC.

    Unlike larger, “factory firms,” our boutique approach allows us to hand-pick and closely monitor the best consultants for your company and projects.

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What Our Clients Say

Randall Carpenter, MD

CEO / Seaside Therapeutics

My company has worked closely and continuously with Kelsey over the past six years. During the initial years, Kelsey provided regulatory project leadership and assumed responsibility for regulatory affairs/operations to support opening two IND’s. More recently, as McCormick LifeScience Consultants has expanded capabilities, we have expanded our relationship to take advantage of her team’s expertise in a range of other areas including intellectual property and pharmacovigilance. Kelsey has broad expertise, is incredibly competent and is a consummate professional. What really sets Kelsey apart however…