Kelsey’s Story

I guess I’ve always been obsessed with animals. We always had pets while I was growing up and I would be the first to watch animal related movies and shows like Wild America! Additionally, if there was an injured animal or stray animal in view, I was that girl who would stop in her tracks and see how I could help (still do).

I’ve also always had an interest in science and medicine. You’d find me watching “Sesame Street” and “Leave it to Beaver”, but Discovery Health Channel too. Biology and human anatomy and physiology, intrigued me. My mom was a physical therapist who specialized in working with young kids with special needs and I think some of that “helping other people” orientation rubbed off on me. Not to mention, she bravely battled (and beat!) colon cancer and breast cancer. Years later, she was attacked by a 3rd primary cancer (Duodenal) and fought like a true warrior (who had already been through so much!), but unfortunately this cancer’s rare and aggressive nature, took her from us.

Between my interest in animals, medicine and my passion to help others, it made sense that I enrolled in a four-year, pre-Vet program at Quinnipiac University.

It was a terrific program and I really enjoyed it. But in my senior year, as the reality of becoming a Vet got closer, I realized that I didn’t want the lifestyle. I wanted a career with a focus on helping others who had suffered (like my mother) or are suffering, but I wanted a family and a life outside of work too.

I found a perfect match in pharma. In 2000, with a BS in Veterinary Medicine in hand, I began working in the lab at Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Imaging, as part of the Discovery Biology Group. I loved it and learned a ton. While itching to branch out of the lab, I earned a Masters in Regulatory Affairs (MCP). In 2007, I founded McCormick LifeScience Consultants.

Today, my company brings together my love of science and my commitment to helping others, as well as my hands-on pharma experience. MLC helps life science companies bridge the gap between discovery and market, by leading them efficiently through the product approval process.