2015 Newsletters

Shortcuts to Receiving Market Approval

13Think waaaaaaaaaaaaay (haha) back…growing up, did you ever try and take shortcuts when doing your homework? Perhaps reading the cliff notes for a book instead of the actual book you were assigned?!? Sound familiar? Eh…hem…we all took shortcuts at some point! The problem was…those shortcuts typically didn’t work…we probably ended up in a situation where our developing minds were missing important information that was needed for question number 1 on a final exam! Sweaty palms for the rest of the exam…

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Finding Flexibility

I’d like to welcome back one of our McCormick LifeScience Consultants, LLC team members, Jacob Cooper, Quality Systems and Regulatory Operations Consultant. He just keeps coming back for more writing!

All you Jake!

Can you touch your toes? Fold yourself into a Parsva Dandasana?

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